I will coach you jungle in league of legends


Hey. what`s up, i`m Pyetre aka Shacobolic. I`m a Grandmaster jungle main. I`ve been playing League of legends for at least 6 years now. I have massive experience in jungling trough multiple seasons and been playing vs many pro players and even rank 1. My peak is arround 653lp Grandmaster.


In our coaching sessions I will:

1. Analyze your profile and learn your pool and preferences so we can, together, define your goals to be achieved.


2. VOD Review or Co-Piloted Game, in which we will talk about:

Pre-game (runes, build, match ups);
Jungle routes, pathing and tracking;
Lane prio (invades, crabs, objectives) and;
How to abuse and fix lane states.

3. Review the content and answer any question and doubt you might have.


4. Create a “to do list” of things you must focus on your next games and things you must stop doing.


5. Provide you a recording of our session, where you can revise what you have learned every time you feel the need to do so.

I also offer Long-Term coaching program called "Make me Gold/Platinum/Diamond/Master" If you have any questions or want a bundle deal, please feel free to message me.

Cheers, coach Shacobolic

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