I will be your instagram and facebook social media manager


Hello, thank you for your interest in my gig! Facebook and Instagram are the largest social media platforms in the world, so you must have a professional and strategized presence on these platforms. That’s where we come in! 


About Cadenza Social

I am the founder of Cadenza Social, a US-based social media marketing firm. We specialize in helping businesses create content and manage their Facebook and Instagram pages. Our mission is to provide unique, high-quality content for a low monthly fee.

From start-ups to established accounts with 170k+ followers, we have assisted a wide array of businesses with cohering their brand identity, creating intentional content, & building larger audiences on Facebook and Instagram. 


Please read the FAQ below to see what is included with each package. Note that we can easily amend these offerings to fit your individualized needs.

Please message me before ordering so that I can evaluate the best strategy for your business and answer any additional questions.

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