I will alpha or beta read your romance, erotica, or bl novel



Congrats on finishing that mind-numbing manuscript. Can't even begin to guess how long it took, and all the work and hours you put in.

Now let me help you go through the manuscript with a fresh set of eyes, for honest feedback to make your manuscript a best seller.

Be it melodrama, fantasy, young adult, or even a thriller, I would love to read your manuscript and get to know your characters.

With this beta-reading gig, I will provide;

Edits of any simple mistakes I find while reading
Thoughts on the plot, characters, world-building e.t.c
What works or doesn't work in the manuscript.
4-page readers report answering every question you may have

Looking forward to knowing your characters.

Please message me for any manuscript of more than 50000 words.

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