I will be your UX content writer and editor


UX Copy

UX copy is the functional copy that appears on your website or in a digital product/platform, for example on buttons, in drop-down menus, or in error and thank you messages. Good UX copy should guide the reader through the digital experience, providing an easy, seamless, satisfying experience to support targeted decision-making as the reader interacts with the product or environment. 

Before You Order

Before you place your order, we need you to provide the following information so that our writers have everything they need to create you a stellar piece of copy. Please note that until we have this information, the clock cannot start ticking on your order - so please gather this information before your place your order! If you need any help working out what to provide, please feel free to let us know - we will be happy to hop on a call with you to discuss!

.  A detailed description of the site, platform, or digital product
.  A detailed description of the target audience
.  A brief description of your company – what you do and why you do it. 
.  A description of your brand voice and content tone OR a link to existing UX copy OR a link to competitor UX copy

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