I will write a fast and compelling press release


Delivered within 48 hours or less than 24 hours with express delivery upgrade!

After 11 years as a professional TV news reporter for CBS, FOX, and ABC news affiliate stations I understand exactly what it takes to get the media's attention.

Simply give me the topic and basic details of your message plus your goals and I will write a press release that's ready for you to send out and highly likely to grab everyone's attention.

Be sure to include the name of someone whom the media can contact if they want to ask follow-up questions or request an interview. You also need to include a phone number, email address, and company name for that person.

Check out my reviews for this gig - all 5 stars!

I can handle the complete distribution of your press release to Yahoo Finance, Google News, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Benzinga, Market Watch, and dozens of other news sites for an extra $350.

. No negative press releases will be accepted about any 3rd party person/company/government/country/religion/race
. No Guns/Weapons/firearms
. No direct sales of Alcohol
. No mention of Illicit Drugs, including Federally Illegal Marijuana/cannabis/THC. (Hemp and CBD)
. No ICOs/Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/NFTs

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