I will be your pro social media content creator


Welcome to the good side of Social Media Marketing where we prioritise performance, know our target audience like our best friend and go above and beyond to create scroll-stopping designs that tell fantastic stories! 


I'm Shirley, a Marketing Director, Content Strategist & Creative Designer. I've been in this industry for over 5 years and have assisted over 150 brands with their social needs just this year! (Feel free to ask me for my portfolio!)

What do I create?

Branded content (All industries: NFT's, Beauty, Tech, Ecommerce, Agencies... )
linkedIn & twitter posts
Inspirational & Educational posts
Much more

Wether you need posts designed in a specific style or are in need of a complete overhaul, I've got you! Besides creating rocking content, I will also include a list of hashtags that I would benefit your brand with every order placed.

What do I need?:

links to your brand's website and socials
your branding (logo's, fonts, colours, ...)
A general direction of what you want

Side note:

I don't create video content or manage social media accounts.

Please contact me before placing an order if you have any questions.

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